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Practice Areas


  • Divorce
  • Family Litigation
  • Complex Marital Property Division
  • Child Support Modification
  • Child Custody
  • Adoption
  • LGBT Marital and Partnership Dissolution
  • Mediation Practice

DIVORCE: Organize and Strategize

Our mission for you is restoring peace. We understand emotions are high. Our specialized skillset will ensure the most efficient resolution for your case. We understand the challenges presented by combative spouses or apathetic partners. We will work with you and all parties to resolve disputes, striving for meaningful solutions through mediation, collaboration, or if necessary – court.

FAMILY LITIGATION: Heal and Move Forward

We are fully aware of the heartfelt trauma and personal disruption created by family strife at home. This awareness, along with legal talent and empathy, informs our choices help you alleviate your pain as fast as possible. After exploring your situation and processing your options, we will implement a plan to protect your rights in light of your needs and wants. We are expert negotiators. Our goal is to get your life back to normal as fast as humanly possible.

Complex Marital Property Division: Preserve & Retain

You’ve worked hard for what you own. We stand up for your right to keep it. Our strong negotiation skills and powerful knowledge of the complex legal landscape will help preserve what you have worked so hard to achieve.

CHILD SUPPORT MODIFICATION: Responsibility & Fairness

The responsibility to support a child extends beyond a dollar amount. Your ability to financially support your children should be balanced against other benefits you provide for them. This is a surprisingly complex challenge, and your child’s best interests will be served by the result.

CHILD CUSTODY: Protect & Nurture

Protecting the parent-child relationship can be the most important legal problem we encounter.  It is our goal to negotiate a plan for conservatorship and possession that serves your children’s best interest.  If litigation is necessary, we will help you tell your story in the most persuasive manner possible, securing the result that protects your relationship with your children, both now and in the future.

ADOPTION: Creating New Families

Helping to create new families is perhaps the most enjoyable part of our practice.  The legal process of adoption is a complicated puzzle.  We work with you and the other professionals involved to secure the Court’s approval of your new parent-child relationship.

LGBT Marital and Partnership Dissolution

Same-sex divorce is now a reality in Texas, particularly in light of retroactive informal marriage claims based on long-standing commitments between same-sex partners.  The legal landscape is surprisingly complex.  We have developed an expertise and appreciation for the special concerns of the LGBT client.  In fact, we have achieved what is likely the first same-sex divorce in the State of Texas.  It is our intention and experience that the goals of our LGBT client are met at the end of our engagement.

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