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Knowledge, Confidence, Compassion

A Light in the Storm

Our clients come to us as unique individuals needing guidance and leadership through a sea of legal madness. For us, this work is infinitely more than a job. It’s our passion. And we are here to bring the experience, empathy, and ingenuity needed to not only provide success, but help find a safe passage and peace-of-mind during this very difficult time.

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Divorce Organize and Strategize

Our mission for you is restoring peace. We understand emotions are high. Our specialized skillset will ensure the most efficient resolution for your case. We understand the challenges presented by combative spouses or apathetic partners. We will work with you and all parties to resolve disputes, striving for meaningful solutions through mediation, collaboration, or if necessary – court.


Family Litigation Heal and Move Forward

We are fully aware of the heartfelt trauma and personal disruption created by family strife at home. This awareness, along with legal talent and empathy, informs our choices help you alleviate your pain as fast as possible. After exploring your situation and processing your options, we will implement a plan to protect your rights in light of your needs and wants. We are expert negotiators. Our goal is to get your life back to normal as fast as humanly possible.


Child Support Modification Responsibility & Fairness

The responsibility to support a child extends beyond a dollar amount. Your ability to financially support your children should be balanced against other benefits you provide for them. This is a surprisingly complex challenge, and your child’s best interests will be served by the result.


Complex Marital Property Division Preserve and Retain

You’ve worked hard for what you own. We stand up for your right to keep it. Our strong negotiation skills and powerful knowledge of the complex legal landscape will help preserve what you have worked so hard to achieve.


Mediation Practice Take Control

To view my mediation calendar: https://www.bookmediation.com/mediator/620


Why Choose Us

  • Trusted Lawyers

    You will be become part of a team whose only goal is to successfully meet your needs.

  • Most Experienced

    Over 30 years of experience in Texas family law yields predictably good results.

  • Fights for Justice

    The difference between right and wrong matters to the courts and to us.

Our Latest News


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2019 28 2019

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“Good Lawyers Know The Law, Great Lawyers Know The Judge”

Robert B. Luther

Client Testimonials


Bob Luther has represented me in both Travis and Williamson counties. The respect he is given by opposing counsels, court personnel, and even the sheriffs running the metal detectors is a testament to his integrity and honesty. Bob’s hysterical sense of humor and razor-sharp wit contributes to his ability to ease the anxious situations which often escalate in a courthouse. His zealous and extraordinarily successful defense of his clients combined with the highest ethical standards and passion for the rule of law makes him one of the great attorneys in the State of Texas. What more could anyone want….  

Alex L. Pritchard

Any involvement with the legal system can be daunting and frankly, quite scary. Family law situations are compounded by emotional pain. I was in total disbelief that a loved one was actually suing me. Bob Luther was exceptional. He was willing to see things from my perspective and directed me with compassionate consistency. Bob’s dedication and honesty were immediately apparent. I worked with Bob thru what seemed would be a never ending process. I found  that Bob is absolutely respected by his colleagues, the judges and his clients; for his intelligence, wisdom, calm demeanor and longevity. All these attributes and connections greatly benefit his clients.  I would highly recommend Bob Luther.

Rachele Smith

Bob Luther holds a very special place in my heart, and despite the unfortunate circumstances that brought us together, I am grateful to have known Bob for the that 15+ years.  Being a fantastic attorney is a ticket to entry in this field, and Bob is certainly one of the best.  His experience, persistence, and knowledge of the law are second to none.  That said, what makes Bob a truly stand-out attorney is that he is a kind, compassionate, and humorous man.  Bob has always managed to make a challenging and difficult process a great experience - giving expert care and guidance, resulting in favorable results. He’s a great advocate and is very well respected by our legal community.

Kim Vodicka

The answer to your questions: 1.  Patience, straight talk, kindness and good analytical thinking. 2.  Bob will always be my go-to person because of these characteristics.

Dr. Susan McMIllan