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Good Relationships Between Attorneys Save Money and Make This Process Work

  • admin
  • May,28
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The world in which lawyers work is foreign to our clients. Most clients are unlikely to have experience with the court system, the judges or the attorneys involved in their cases.

It comes as a surprise to clients that their attorney has a close friendship with opposing counsel.
Clearing up this confusion is important – a close working relationship between attorneys can enhance the ability to work through a difficult and contested divorce. The working relationship can save the client’s expense and allow the problems presented in the case to be solved more quickly.
Like most things in life, it makes sense in litigation to pick your battles, work together when required, and fight when necessary. In this way the client’s main concerns are addressed and their goals are successfully achieved.
Be sure and ask your lawyer about his relationship with opposing counsel and how that will affect the path your case will take. Very often this can be the difference between a successful outcome or a frustrating result.